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We are happy to announce that the website is officially online and ready to rock!

Important notices referring to the game will be posted on the front News page (where you are currently reading this from).
On the Product page there is information regarding the game, where to purchase it, and links to the reviews we have received thus far.
The Lore page uses excerpts from the book itself to give a small look into the setting of Rebirth and the nations of Kreyo.
The GM Support page is designed specifically to aid Game Masters in the making of campaigns by providing complete character sheets to be used as player characters or NPCs, campaigns complete with NPCs and a suggested party level, and additional tools. In order to download a file, simply click on the title and save the PDF.

One important section of the GM Support page is the Homebrewed section. This section exists to host the unique characters and exciting campaigns created by you, the community. Any characters or stories you create that you wish to share with the rest of the community can be emailed directly to rebirth.roleplaying@gmail.com. Naturally, any content created by a member of the community will receive credit and have their name posted adjacent to the content.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, etc., please use the Contact Us page to reach us. Customer service is very important to us here at Rebirth Games and we always respond within 24 hours (though normally much sooner).

Once again, we would like to thank the you for checking out the website, and we hope that it will serve as a valuable resource for your roleplaying adventures.

Happy gaming from our family to yours!