Character Creation Tutorial is Live!

Time to roll up some characters!

Hello Roleplayers,

In order to ease the learning process of Rebirth, we have been working on a tutorial video explaining the character creation process. The time is nigh and the tutorial is ready to go. It can be found below, as well as linked to in the GM support section of the site in a new category titled “Tutorials”. This new section is where we intend to release any future tutorials we create. Currently, a typed PDF version of the character sheet completed in the tutorial is available directly underneath the link to the video so that you can follow along.

We would love to create more videos to help ease the process and make you, the players, feel more comfortable in the world of Rebirth. If there is any videos you would like to specifically request, feel free to contact us and we can begin work.

Thank you for your support and may the RNG gods shine their light upon you,
Michael Hansen
The Rebirth Team