Free Additional Content is Here!

Good morning fellow tabletoppers,

We have some exciting news to share! Free additional content will now be available for download directly from the website in the same manner as our GM support files. As you may have noticed, their is a new “Add-ons” tab located in the menu. This is the place to go to check out what’s fresh!

Our goal is to keep the game of Rebirth feeling alive by expanding the world, rewarding old players and attracting new. Each series of Add-ons will address a theme within Kreyo, breathing new life in to the world. We are calling the first series of add-ons “Nations Expanded”. The intent of this series is to add depth into the cultures that make up Kreyo, taking a closer look at each nation. The first nation we are addressing is Sar’gon, the nation of law, which is already available for download! The two new professions featured in this add-on are the Judge, a control based advanced profession of the Politician, and the Watchman, an advanced profession of the Enforcer specialized in ranged disruption.

Not only will additional content contain lore, it will also contain new professions complete with artwork, new general gifts, and any patches or rule changes that can be applied to the core rulebook to improve the quality of life. We intend to release new additional content at the average rate of once per month, depending on the size of the add-on.

We love creating more content, and your support is what makes it possible. If you like the content that is being released let us know and tell your friends! We rely on your support and word of mouth to keep this world alive. And, if there is anything you would like to hear about or see, we are always happy to consider new ideas.

Thank you all for your time, we hope that you enjoy the free content and fall in love with the nations of Kreyo.