Nahrun Expanded Has Arrived!

Hello tabletoppers!

We are excited to announce that the second official Add-on is available free for download! This Add-on expands on the lore of Nahrun, the nation of knowledge hidden beneath frozen mountains, exploring the politics and culture, and featuring two brand new advanced professions.

Bards can now advance into Agents, manipulative roleplaying characters that excel in deception, using their wits and talent instead of brute force. Controlling politics from behind a hidden veil, the Agent is perfect for scratching that roleplaying itch.

Secondly, the Archivist can now become a Curator, a crafting profession specializing in creating cursed artifacts, drastically affecting avaricious reborn. The Curator also provides great resources for campaign and obstacles creation in the form of 15 potential curses for a GM to use.
Come check out our second Add-on and enjoy the world of Nahrun the Student

Happy gaming and may the dice roll in your favor.