Presenting, Daerrus Expanded!

Hello Tabletoppers,

Today I am excited to be releasing the sixth entry in our nations expanded additional content series, Daerrus Expanded. Like the free mini-expansions before it, it can be found by heading to the add-ons page and clicking on the PDF name.

Become engrossed in the dying wastelands of the nation of oppression, harboring the pain and agony of millions of slaves. The broken and weak mankind bows before the mighty strength of Daerrus the Slaver, their backs scarred and torn from years of torture.

Daerrus Expanded contains a closer look at the twisted nation of oppression, 5 brand new general gifts, and two entirely new advanced professions.

First, I present the Tycoon, an advanced profession of the bone shard hoarding Merchant. Extending their network of merchants across the entire continent, the Tycoon bathes in the wealth and power pouring from their fiscal empire. Nothing is out of reach to the reborn with bottomless coffers. Roleplay to your hearts content.

Second brings the Trapper, a skilled craftsman in the creation of dangerous and life threatening traps. The feral humans of Sitral are difficult prey, their once great cunning turned solely to survival. Yet, it is impossible to escape with shattered legs.

Next month we are excited to be providing the final additional to our current content monthly series, Kre’uul Expanded, containing the powerful Contender and the cannibalistic Savage.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to email us directly.

Thank you for your time and may the RNG gods be in your favor!