Here to stay, Kre’uul Expanded!

Hello Tabletoppers,

Thank you all for your patience during our move which offset the release of the final installment of our Nations Expanded additional content series. We are excited to announce that Kre’uul Expanded has arrived! As always, it is completely free and available for download under that add-ons tab of this site. Simply click the title to download.

This mini-expansion takes a deeper look into the nation of conquest, where power triumphs over honor and history is written by the victor. Even the dregs of society may pierce the upper echelons of Kre’uul, leaving the shattered corpse of their predecessors behind and soaking the sand of the Grand Coliseum in their blood.

This additional content comes with a deeper look into the bloodthirsty society, two brand new advanced professions, and six new general gifts.

Twisting and tearing the limbs of Grappled gladiators, the Contender, an advanced profession of the Gladiator, finds pleasure in ripping the arms from their entangled opponents. Using submission abilities, the Contender is unmatched in their grappling skill.

Devouring the corpses of fallen reborn and reaping the lingering remains of the soul left behind, the Savage, an advanced profession of the Scavenger, gains their power from the bodies of the dead. By ingesting the lifeless flesh, the Savage gains gifts and abilities in combinations never before possible.

We are thrilled to provide this additional content as the last entry into our Nation’ Expanded series, with free mini-expansion for all seven nations now available free for download. We are beginning the development process on following additional content to come. This means that temporarily, this will be the last mini-expansion released on our monthly schedule, until the development has come to a fruition and reached the satisfactory quality that we like to create.

Thank you all so much for your interest and your time,

Happy Gaming!