Rebirth Development!

Hello wonderful tabletoppers and players of Rebirth,

Creating Rebirth and exploring the world within through expansions and additional content has been an absolutely wonderful experience. I have wholly enjoyed every step along the way. Yes, even the weeks of editing and reediting. All of the feedback, comments, and interest you have shown has made my day each and every day.

In my personal life, I am beginning my Masters, working a new job, and devoting my time to a new project. Rebirth will always have my attention, and I will always be available to respond to questions via social media or email. Work on Rebirth will be slowing down over the next few months, but will not be stopped!

Thank you all for your fantastic support and again, I will always be available via email, social media, etc.

May the dice gods be ever in your favor,
Michael Hansen
The Rebirth Team