Official Add-ons

This page is where the official additional content to Rebirth can be found and downloaded at no cost. Each section is a different group of add-ons that we have either completed or continue to expand. To download an add-on, click on the title and it save the PDF.

Nations Expanded

The Nations Expanded add-ons intend to deepen the lore affiliated with each nation, providing an in-depth look into the culture and two brand new professions.

Sar’gon Expanded

Nahrun Expanded

Narcon Expanded

Reuce Expanded

Fae’ell Expanded

Daerrus Expanded

Kre’uul Expanded

Nation’s Expanded General Gifts

Quality of Life and Balancing Changes

These are changes to the base rules of Rebirth to improve the quality of life within the game. Changes made will specify what page and section the change is referring to, as well as give a reason for the change so that it can be used at your discretion.

The version number used in the title of the notes is the version of Rebirth that the notes are relevant to. For example, notes that say Version 1.0 are relevant to all copies Version 1.0 or below. Any further versions already have the changes in place.

January 2018 Update Notes – Version 1.0

March 2018 Update Notes – Version 1.0

April 2018 Update Notes – Version 1.1

May 2018 Update Notes – Version 1.1