What is Rebirth?

Rebirth is the story of survival in a world dominated by predator civilizations fighting for existence in a realm created from the shambling remnants of mankind. Rebirth is a dark-fantasy RPG that features a d10 percentile system, unique professions, and takes place in a setting reminiscent of the middle ages.

Rebirth is a tabletop role-playing game determined to grant diversity to the players, allowing them to navigate a broken world. With 14 base professions and 24 advanced professions, Rebirth rewards diversity in party creation, shedding light on often forgotten roles, such as support and crafting, and breathing new life into the ever-present fighters and charismatic manipulators of the role playing genre.

Teamwork and flexibility are integral to survival in Rebirth. Mastering synergies between professions can be the difference between life and death. The gladiator, a melee based fighting profession, becomes exponentially stronger when supported by a prophet, a support profession that deals self-inflicted damage to drastically increase the abilities of their allies. The gladiator becomes even stronger when using powerful artifacts, weapons imbued with special abilities such as life stealing attacks, created by the artificer, a crafting profession focused on the creation of artifacts. Unique and in-depth professions allow for complicated synergies between party members

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Rebirth Reviews

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The Indie Game Report

“There are a lot of thematic elements in every profession that bring the world to life. Even the currency the players use is the necrotic remains of the dead, bones still tainted with energy. It’s a lot of fun to see all the little things that tie together in the world.”

-Jordan Palmer

Nicholas Baughman Full Written Review

“Absolutely love it. The book is about 50/50 lore and crunch, which works very well to paint the picture of the setting without “Telling you” everything that’s going on in the world verbatim. It leaves much very open for the players in a way I really enjoy. A solid framework without hand holding too much.”

– Nicholas Baughman

Pixels & Paper Podcast – 1:14:11

MetaMagic Podcast – 28:27